Meaningful encounters are a way of gathering people from different backgrounds, with similar inspirations to contribute to a movement of opening our understanding about the others.
We have organised talks like TEDx. I organised TEDxVer-o-Peso 2011, TEDxRio+20 2012, volunteered at TEDxJardimBotanico 2012, TEDxVer-o-Peso 2013, and participated at TEDxBeaconStreet 2013, TEDxESPM SP 2011, TEDxESPM RJ 2012, and TEDxBeloHorizonte 2012.

For four years, we worked for programs of social development, especially IDIN – International Development Innovation Network, a consortium founded by MIT. IDIN supports people to catalyse the application of innovative science, technology, and tools to solve some challenges of communities that do not have access to public service. We have worked in the USA, Uganda, Tanzania, India, and Brazil.

In 2016 we organised a two week design summit in the Brazilian Amazon region, called IDDS Amazon, combining ecological and technological design – some of the prototypes addressed challenges ranging from internet connectivity to fish farming.